Hello FBCNA Family! Here’s what’s coming up this week!

  • Pastor Dave vs Terri SOUPer BOWL Battle is in the final stretch. Terri is coming in strong so far but they both need your help to win the battle and most of all, win for the Al Nelson Friendship Food Pantry! In case you missed it, they are both collecting soup and cereal (items that go in bowls for the “Super Bowl”) and they are battling to see who can collect the most. The loser will be jumping into Windsor Lake at some point! So if you’re able, purchase some soup or cereal and wither bring it to the church by worship (10am) Sunday or drop it off during the week. Make sure you label who it’s for if you’re not able to leave it in their spots directly. We really want to bless our community with this fun event. Then on Sunday, feel free to wear your favorite jerserys and team colors!
  • Prayer RetreatFebruary 16th to the 19th at Oceanwood : Cost is $200 for a weekend of prayer, devotions/study, beach walks, rest and worship. Please see Pastor Dave by Wednesday to sign up.
  • Coffee Hour Sundaysponsored by the Youth Group and they will be hosting a brownie sundae bar! Come on out after worship and enjoy!
  • Youth Group will be happening Sunday and at 1pm at the end of youth group, there is a parent meeting for the mission trip.
  • Peru Planning Meeting — Sunday after worship — grab your ice cream and head to the conference room if you are interested at all in traveling to Peru in August. It’s not to late to join, but soon it will be!
  • RoboCall or Text? — We have a new robocall system, so you may notice that the call comes from the church phone number. We also have the ability to text. Please update the church office as soon as possible with your preference. You can opt to get a phone call, a text message, or both! Text messaging is limited so less detail will be in them than a call or you will get a link to our website for a post with more information. Some sub groups, like the prayer chain will only have one option (phone call) so please be aware of that). Bear with us as well learn the new way!