About Us

Worship Every Sunday at 10am

We are the people of God!

We are His! We desire to worship Him with passion. We long to serve Him with enthusiasm. We strive to share His love with each other and with you. We are engaged in His Word. We are a people who faithfully serve Him, and look to follow His plan for our future. We are continually filled with His joy and are ready to share that joy with all who walk through our doors.

What To Expect

Worship With Us
Worship With Us

Walking down the street to the large wooden doors, open and inviting, you will instantly be greeted with joyful hellos from congregants.  Walking through the doors, or using the side ramp, more smiles and warm welcomes await to be handed out with every friendly face you see.  The inside worship space is a sanctuary in every sense of the word from the scope of the cavernous space to the stillness of peace in the air, a fire ready to be awakened by the Holy Spirit once worship gets started.  Traditional hymns and contemporary selections meld together with scripture, children’s time and Sunday school, once a month Communion and a sermon are the core of worship with a focus not on the speakers and performers but to our Almighty God.  Every person who speaks, sings or plays an instrument offers up their gift freely back to the One who gave it. 

Worship Sundays at 10am

Come As You Are
Come As You Are

From sandals and jeans to dresses and suits, the dress at FBCNA is ultimately casual because the focus is not on what you wear but where your sights are set.  This church family is concerned not what’s on your surface but the condition of your heart, the focus of your mind and the worries weighing you down.  FBCNA is a family waiting to hear from you how they can help you spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  They are ready to lead you closer to Christ and to the unconditional relationship with the Almighty that awaits.