Lora joined the staff of First Baptist Church in July of 2012. She came to us with many years of church experience, after having worked at Zion Lutheran Church in Pittsfield for 8 years. She is constantly re-vamping, updating, & modernizing all things office in the attempt to keep us relevant in an ever-changing world.
Lora graduated from Hoosac Valley High School in 1995, where much of her time was spent in the Art Department – what else would you expect of someone who began receiving private oil painting classes in 3rd grade!
After graduation, Lora went on to earn her diploma in Writing for Magazines from the Institute of Children’s Literature in West Redding, CT. Although ‘life’ took her away from her true passions – drawing & writing – she has found her own unique way to serve God and to add touches of creativity to all that she does. As Pastor Dave says, “sprinkle your pixie dust on this”.
Lora has been a member of FBCNA since 2000, where she has served as a Youth Leader, Christian Education chairperson, Holy Play teacher, nursery volunteer, and Church Clerk.

     Outside of church, Lora enjoys reading, cross stitching, tv/movies, and travel. She is the proud mother of two sons: Ashton (born June 2006) and Boden (born November 2007). She has been married to James Peck since October 2002. They reside in Adams.

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